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Frequently Asked Questions

⁇ For how long I can sign my lease?

♦ You can sign Month to Month, 3 , 6 or 12 month lease which is renewable if you request it and have good payment history with us.


⁇ What is my deposit and how much I need to move in?

♦ Upon approval you will be required to sign agreement and pay up front first and last month rental fee plus $500 refundable damage security deposit. Additional $250 security deposit if you have a pet.

Can I move the trailer or tow it on my own to different location?

♦ NO. Trailer needs to stay at the place where we will park it for you at the address you provide us on initial Rental Application. Camper will be locked and we have GPS tracking devices that alerts us if trailer was moved. In that case - $300 penalty will apply and automatic annulment of our lease without any monies refunded plus we might charge you a recovery fee that will depend how far we would have to go to pick it up.


⁇ Can you move my leased camper to a different location?

♦YES. We can move it to different place and set it up for additional fee depending on a distance.


⁇ Who is responsible for propane?

YOU are. We will deliver the trailer for you with some propane but we will not refill it for you. If you would like us to service your propane - we charge $40 per tank. 


Why? Because our propane tanks are brand new and at exchange stations they have old tanks.

If we noticed that tanks are different then original - you will be charged full amount to replace them back.


⁇ Do you allow pets?

Yes . We allow 1 pet per trailer. It is $20 per month rent plus $250 damage security deposit which is refundable after inspecting a trailer.


⁇ My relatives have a big property and they are allowing me to use their space. Can you deliver to private property ? 

YES. Just make sure that you will have 30 or 50 AMP RV type power supply. If there is non - contact professional Electrician who can install it for you at your relative property.

You will also need water supply with garden hose style outlet. Your grey water can be dumped directly to the ground if owner of the property will allow it. Black tank can not be dumped on the ground. You would need to call service to take it out for you. We might provide that service in near future for a fee. If you are interested in that - please let us know. 


⁇ Can I pour hot water into sink?

NO. Please be very careful ! Sinks are made from plastic in our trailers and sink might melt. Either pour it outside or open cold water and slowly pour hot water into kitchen sink by mixing it with cold water flow.


⁇ Can I use hair dryer?

♦In trailers with 30 AMP it is not recommended. Esspecially if you are using AC - it might blow you fuse very easy. You can reset it by turning main switch off in control panel and turning it back on. In 50 AMP trailers depending on how many devices you have plugged it - might be same problem. We recommend to use additional power outlet extension cord from the power post at the campground or at the property where you staying.


⁇ What kind of toilet paper I can use?

We recommend 1 ply SCOTT toilet paper which dissolves easy. It does not have to be expensive RV toilet paper. Regular 1 PLY SCOOT toilet tissue will work.


⁇ My toilet is clogged ! What do I do?

We will leave you special toilet cleaning stick. You can connect it to the water hose, close sewage valve and stick it inside of the toilet then open water to drain it. 

Once a while ( every 2 months) we can perform free toilet tank cleaning at no charge depending on the distance. If you far from us - we might charge you a fee.

⁇ What comes with a trailer?

We will supply you with up to 2 TV's per trailer and if you would like to upgrade mattress from RV to more comfortable - we can do that for additional $200. In that case we will remove our mattresses and put your new one in. You can take it with you if you are done with a lease. You will need to have your own kitchen supplies and linens.

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